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Does All Computer Monitors Have Built-In Speakers? Here’s What You Should Know

A monitor is an essential component for a gamer, programmer, or a casual user. Most of them are often confused whether they should buy monitors that have built-in speaker or without speaker?

Who should buy monitors with built-in speaker or without built-in speaker? It totally depends on the user. Some people use monitor only for office work, and other people use basic audio file.

Do all gaming monitors have built-in speaker? Recently, most of the gaming monitors come with the built-in speakers. But the sound quality will not be the same as an external soundbox. Still, you can use internal soundbox if you are comfortable with it.

So, do you really need a monitor with built-in speakers? What are the advantages & disadvantages of those monitor? And how can you get sounds from monitor without speaker? Read the entire article to know about your questions.

Do You Need a Monitor with Speakers?

3 Reasons to Buy:

Whether you should buy a monitor with speaker or not is rely on what type of work you do and other stuffs. You can buy a built-in speaker monitor if:

  1. You don’t need high quality sound
  2. The room hasn’t enough space
  3. You don’t want to spend extra money on external soundbox

Most of the gaming monitor have built-in speakers. It provides better output while gaming & play any audio files. But you might think that they are so average. Trust me, if you invest your money on some branded monitor with internal speaker, it will serve you the better sound in daily life.

Though, built-in speaker shouldn’t be compared to the external soundbox. So, it’s a good deal to buy a gaming monitor with built-in speaker feature.

If your desktop table is too short to setup extra soundbox and it looks so messy, you can buy that feature. The speakers are on the both sides of the monitor.

Also, some monitor come with additional headphone jack. If you have gaming headphone, you don’t need to think about internal speakers. If the above 4 statements match, then yes, it’s a good idea to pick a monitor with built-in speakers.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Computer Monitor with Built-In Speaker?

3 Reasons Not to Buy:

For some people, buying a gaming monitor with built-in speaker is a worst decision. Why? If you want to do any kind of productive work such as video editing, audio editing then you shouldn’t buy this type of monitor.

Here are the 3 main reasons to not buy monitor with built-in speakers:

  1. If you have enough budget for external soundbox
  2. If there is enough room space
  3. If you really care about best sound

PC monitor’s speaker can be used for watching YouTube videos. It can’t provide more benefits. A good soundbox costs more than $200. If you have enough budget, you should buy a branded soundbox. It will give you better output for gaming, audio editing.

If your PC room has enough space and it looks organized, you can buy a soundbox instead of built-in speaker feature. Messy room can ruin the entire looks.

How do I know if my monitor has inbuilt speakers?

The best way is to read the monitor’s guidebook or box. You will get that information on the box or manual guide. However, if you are still confused follow these steps to know if your monitor has built-in speaker or not:

  1. Right click on the sound icon in the windows taskbar. And click on the playback device. If you use windows 11, you will see three options. Troubleshoot sound problems, open volume mixer and sound settings. Click on the marked option.
  1. Now, sound setting option will open on your screen.

Here you will see some options. My monitor model is MSI G241V. It doesn’t have any built-in speaker. That’s why I’m using external speaker. Now click on your monitor’s name.

  1. Configure it and restart your computer. Now play any video or audio to check the sound.

This is the easiest way to check the built-in speaker. If you don’t hear any sound, that means your monitor doesn’t have any internal audio speaker.

How To Get Sound from Monitor Without Speaker?

If your monitor doesn’t have bult-in speaker, still you can get sounds. Here I will tell you the 3 easiest ways, you can get sound from your monitor without speaker:

  1. HDMI port
  2. Audio Connection Jack
  3. Audio Connector for your device.
  4. Wireless speaker

1 Using the HDMI port.

HDMI is a great way to get sound from your monitor. It can deliver both audio & video. In this case, you will need a HDMI splitter to for video. Also, your external soundbox should have 3.5mm jack. HDMI will give you best sound output while gaming, streaming or any audio file.

How to enable audio using HDMI? Before following the process, connect the HDMI cable to HDMI splitter. Then again right-click on the volume bar and click on the sound setting. Then select the external sound. Restart the computer and check the audio.

2. Audio Connection Jack:

Most of the monitor has audio connection jack to use headphone, soundbox or other audio devices. In this way, you can get the best audio output.

If your monitor has audio jack, you can simply use any sound system through any audio aux cable. First, connect the aux point to the monitor’s audio jack. Then connect the second point to the speaker. Now you can listen the audio.

3. Use Audio Connector for Your Device:

PlayStation or Xbox can be your soundbox if you don’t have any speaker. Most of the consoles have surround sound system. That means, by using it as a soundbox, you can get the maximum sound quality.

Gaming consoles have an optical audio connection port. To use it, you’ll need an audio aux 3.5mm cable. Connect the cable to the console and other device for best sound quality. When you turn on the monitor, it will activate automatically and play the sound.

4 Connect the Wireless Speaker:

Connecting the wireless speaker is one of the easiest ways to get sound from monitor without speaker. You need to pair your wireless device to the monitor. If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth device, then you can use USB to Bluetooth converter.

Most of the USB to Bluetooth converter supports 5.0 version. This USB converter will create a wireless connection between the monitor and wireless speaker. When you setup the process, you can enjoy the surrounding sounds from your wireless speaker.

Top Reviewed Monitors with Bult-In Speaker:

MonitorDisplay TypeRefresh RateResolutionBuilt-In Speaker FeatureCheck The Latest Price
Philips 278E1A 27″ Frameless MonitorIPS Display60 hertz‎3840 x 2160YesChek the latest price
SAMSUNG T550 Series 27-Inch Curved MonoitorLED75 hertz1080p (1920×1080)5 Watt speakerCheck the latest price
Dell S3221QS 32 Inch Curved MonitorLED60 hertz4K UHD 3840 x 2160dual 5W speakersCheck the latest price
Dell S2722QC 27-inch MonitorIPS60 hertzUHD (3840 x 2160)dual 3W integrated speakersCheck the latest price
BenQ 27 Inch MonitorLCD60 hertz 1920×1080YesCheck the latest price
Sceptre 24 inch MonitorLED60 hertz1920 x 1080YesCheck the latest price
HP 23.8 inch MonitorLED75 hertz1920×10802W speakersCheck the latest price


You’ll get built-in speaker feature in most of the gaming monitor. Those speakers are suitable for daily life, browsing YouTube and listening any audio. If your monitor doesn’t come with built-in speaker feature, you can follow to above four methods I’ve mentioned.

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