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What Is Ps4 Graphics Card Equivalent To? Know Before Choose

Ps4 is undoubtedly the best and mightiest home gaming console ever built. No doubt it has great popularity. The console is used in 30 FPS and 1080P for most games that deliver the best gaming results for every pro gamer

Thanks to its amazing graphics card capacity, the Ps4 delivers great performance without any frame drops and lags. Ps4 uses Radeon GCN architecture-based AMD’s newly designed GPGPU-enabled processing unit. 

But, what GPU is equivalent to Ps4 graphics card? Or, which graphics card is equivalent to Ps4 GPU? These are some of the craziest questions we receive from gamers. 

So, here’s goes the short answer:

The GPU or graphics card of Ps4 is quite equivalent to AMD Radeon 7850 or the updated Nvidia GTX 750 Ti. 

Nonetheless, you need to understand the basics of the Ps4 graphics card and its equivalent ones to realize how it works fully. Also, it will help you know if you can build a gaming PC with the same GPU system of Ps4. 

So, let’s dive deep into it. 

What GPU Is Equivalent To Ps4 Graphics Card?

Before we discuss the equivalent GPU of Ps4 graphics card, we must understand the GPU of the gaming console and what benefits it provides to gamers. 

Ps4 has used the latest Radeon GPN architecture for its GPU performance. It has a GPGPU-enabled AMD Radeon graphics processing unit. Also, the GPU features extraordinary 18-CUs (Computing Units) and 1152 cores. 

Thus, each of the 18 CUs has a 64-core processing capacity. No doubt, it delivers the best and most reliable GPU performance you can expect while gaming. Technically, it yields 1.84 TFLOPS performance. The GPU is based on the Radeon GPU architecture. Yet, it has a few key distinctions with the 1st-gen Radeon GPU architectural design. 

For instance, it has a 20GB/s dedicated bus capacity. It allows direct access to the memory case bypassing both L1 and L2 GPU caches. 

Considering all these tops features of the Ps4 GP system and performance, we found that AMD Radeon 7850 or the updated Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is the perfect equivalent to a Ps4 graphics card. 

Nonetheless, you need to consider a few key points for the equivalency comparison of Ps4 and regular graphics cards. 

  1. Although these two graphics cards are neck-to-neck equal to Ps4 GPU, their real-life performance isn’t similar. We will elaborate on it in the next section. 
  2. The GPU of the Ps4 is custom-built with design approval from the Ps4 team. So, it delivers the peak graphics performance that the equivalent GPUs won’t do. It happens because of the heavy customization of the Ps4 graphics cards. The recommended equivalent GPU systems are only similar in specs but not in optimization. 

Teraflop Performance Comparison of Ps4 Equivalent GPU:

The teraflop or TFLOP refers to the GPU’s speed to perform the computing processes. The higher the teraflop count of the graphics card, the better its performance. Thus, we need to consider the teraflop performance of the Ps4 graphics card and its equivalent ones to know their real-life performance. 

As we stated, the Ps4 graphics card will deliver 1.84 teraflop performances. It is also similar to the teraflop throughput of the Ps4’s slim console. So, what is the teraflop performance of its equivalent graphics card?

Firstly, the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti will deliver you 1.4 teraflop output. Next, the AMD Radeon 7850 will easily deliver you 1.7 teraflop output. 

On paper, both GPU delivers great graphics performance and computational speed. But does it interpret the same performance in real life? For this, you need to consider a few crucial facts. Firstly, the 4GB variant of the AMD RX 570 GPU renders 5.1traflop output. On the contrary, the 2GB variant of the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card will yield 1.8teraflop output. Lastly, the GTX 1650 features up to a staggering 6teraflop throughput performance. 

Also, the Ps4 builder has optimized the original GPN architecture-based graphics card for the best and peak performance. Thus, gamers will enjoy a smooth and consistent performance. Moreover, the only task of the Ps4 GPU is to take care of your gaming necessities. So, it puts together all of its features for a great gaming experience. 

But, with the equivalent GPUs installed inside your desktop, you might not get a similar performance. Desktops are built to perform different tasks, from image and video editing to content watching and gaming. These equivalent GPUs aren’t optimized for gaming only. Thus, their performance goes up and down depending on the gaming condition. 

Nonetheless, these Ps4 equivalent graphics card lets you play most games in higher FPS and resolution at maximum settings. 

Real-life performance comparison: 

Although the AMD Radeon 7850 or Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is similar to the Ps4 graphics card, their real-life performance is exceedingly different. As we know, Ps4 delivers 1080P resolution and 30FPS for most games on the console. 

On the contrary, the equivalent GPUs can deliver you a staggering 60FPs of framing during the gameplay. Yes, you will need the right desktop hardware for it. For instance, it will require a matched CPU. But, these two Ps4 identical graphics cards can deliver up to 60FPS frame rate with the right hardware is a great bonus. 

You will love the increased smoothness and consistency with these two graphics cards for gaming PC. But, Ps4 also has great optimization, making it a great choice. 

Top Two Graphics Card Recommendations for Gaming PC:

We all want a smooth and consistent Ps4 like gaming performance on our desktop. For this, we might consider getting two identical graphics cards. But, these GPUs are pretty old. We have enlisted the two top and updated graphics cards to deliver even better performance than the Ps4. 

MSI Gaming X GTX 1650

It is a sleek and slim graphics card. It packs great graphics performance for gamers with the highest setting. Also, the advanced cooling system ensures the card’s safety from overheating issues. Also, it features 896 CUDA cores and 4GB DDR5 memory. It can go up to 1860 MHz. 

Gigabyte RX 570 GAMING 4G

If you are a fan of AMD graphics cards, this Gigabyte RX 570 should be your best value for money GPU system for gaming. You will get a 1255MHz clock speed boost while its dual-fan setup takes care of the heat for consistency. 

The graphics card has RGB output. You will get 2048 stream processors for streaming, which is truly amazing for such a mid-budget graphics card. 

Final Words 

AMD Radeon 7850 or Nvidia GTX 750 Ti are the two truly Ps4 equivalent graphics cards. If you love the Ps4 gaming consistency and graphical renders, you can use these two graphics cards to build your gaming PC. However, these graphics cards are a bit older. Therefore, we have recommended the top two choices for the best gaming experience. It should elevate your gaming fun. 

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