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How to Pack and Ship a Computer Monitor without any damage?

A computer monitor is one of the most expensive parts of your pc. Its screen is very sensitive. If it gets any pressure on the screen, the glass panel can be damaged. 

Any kind of fragile, glass, or breakable item is more complicated to ship from one place to another. So, you need to pack your monitor with proper safety to ensure that the monitor won’t damage.

Quick 5 Steps to Ship Computer Monitor:

Packing a monitor is not so hard but you must do it with care, your monitor warranty will be void if it has been physically damaged while shipping. People don’t know the right way of packing a monitor. Follow these quick 5 steps to ship your computer monitor.

  1. Unplug the cable, and remove stands and other equipment that are connected to the monitor.
  2. Pack individually all equipment so that the monitor can fit and stands up in the box.
  3. Now attach upholstery or a similar kind of foam on both sides of the monitor. Then place it into the shipping box
  4. Use some bubble wrap, and filler to remove the empty spaces inside the box.
  5. Tap the box of each corner. Make sure, the box won’t tear due to weight.
How to Pack & Ship a Monitor
How to Pack & Ship a Monitor

That’s it. You are ready to deliver your parcel to the courier service. But, wait. Don’t you want to learn briefly about packing a box, and shipping costs? Read the rest of the article.

How long does it take to ship a computer monitor from the courier service?

There are different types of courier services in the US. Usually, it takes from one week to a few weeks to ship the computer monitor to the shipping address. 

When you go to any courier service, you will notice they have some delivery packages with different prices. If you want to deliver the monitor very quickly, you need to select the fast delivery option.

How much does it cost to ship a monitor from one state to another state?

A computer monitor’s average weight is 6 pounds to 10 pounds. So, roughly you need to pay 20$ to 100$ depending on the courier service and shipping methods. 

List of the most popular courier services in the USA: (FAQ)

  1. USPC
  2. UPS
  3. FedEx
  4. DHL
  5. Purolator
  6. OnTrac Inc.
  7. TFI International
  8. LaserShip Inc
  9. Dicom Canada
  10. Spee Dee Delivery Service

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Monitor using USPC?

USPC is one of the most popular courier services. They have the 4 most used packages:

  1. Priority Mail Express
  2. Priority Mail
  3. First-Class Mail
  4. First-Class Package Service

Shipping cost, delivery time & features of USPC

PackagePriceShip TimeOther features
Priority Mail Express$26.951 to 2 daysIncluded USPC Tracking
Priority Mail $8.701 to 3 daysIncluded USPC Tracking
First-Class Mail$0.581 to 5 daysAvailable: Signature Confirmation, Return Receipt, Collect on Delivery
First-Class Package Service$4.502 to 5 daysIncluded USPC Tracking

If you want to learn more about USPC Shipping services read their instructions and other policy.

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Monitor Using FedEx?

FedEx is also popular for quick delivery. If you want to deliver a computer monitor, they may charge from $20 to 100$. The price depends on the total box weight and distance. 

FedEx has different types of shipping options. Such as:

  1. Ground
  2. Overnight
  3. International
  4. Freight
  5. Same-day
  6. Flat-rate.

Most of the customers use the ground shipping option. You may check out their shipping options and detailed information

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Monitor Using UPS?

An average monitor’s weight is 5 Ibs to 10 Ibs. So, you may need to pay around $20 to $40 or more. You can search the monitor’s model on google to get the exact weight. I would recommend you use the “Flat Rate Shipping Within The U.S” option.

How to pack a computer monitor for shipping? A detailed guide for a newbie.

Your computer monitor’s warranty can be void if you damage the monitor through shipping or its screen is damaged. That’s why packing a monitor in the right way is necessary.

These 6 Accessories you will need while packing the monitor:

  1. A scissor
  2. Monitor Dust Cover
  3. Shipping Tape
  4. Kraft brown wrapping paper
  5. Styrofoam balls, filler, Bubble cushioning wrap
  6. Packing box. Use the original box if available.

Step 1: Remove all accessories from the monitor: 

The first step is to remove all accessories that are connected to the monitor. Remove the display cables, adapter, mounts and stands, and other accessories. These will allow your monitor to fit in the box properly.  Then pack all the equipment individually.

Step 2: Cover up the monitor with Dust Cover:

Now, clean your monitor’s screen with any screen cleaner. Then use a soft monitor dust cover. The dust cover will protect the monitor from several damages like scratches, dust, water, and other materials that can harm the monitor’s screen.

Step 3: Use the Original Box or Any Shipping Box:

Did you store the original box? If yes, then use it for packing. The original boxes are made for extra protection. It comes with adequate inner space, and safety elements to prevent damage. That’s why the original box is preferable to any other box. 

However, If you lost the original box, you need to buy a local box as per your monitor size. Make sure the box is hard, thicker in size with proper inner space. You can collect the box from a local shopping store or from the courier services.

Step 4: Use Packing Materials

Now wrap the monitor with bubble wrap, Bubble wrap is the most common item for packing any kind of fragile parcel. Bubble wrap is used to protect monitors, glass, or sensitive products against pressure while transiting on bumpy roads. Bubble wraps are so lightweight, cost-effective, and reusable. 

Now, cover the monitor with bubble wrap on each side. Put upholstery foam or any kind of similar shipping foam in the box. These materials are used to keep the box more secure. Then fill up the inner gaps with filler packing bubble balls or with packing peanuts. Now you are almost done.

Packing Materials

Step 5: Use kraft brown paper & shipping tape to cover the box:

You’re almost done. Cover the box with kraft brown paper. So that, the box remains intact. Now, again cover the box with shipping tape. This will help the box from getting wet. You’re done. Your monitor is ready for shipping.

Here’s a video of packing a monitor for shipping. This video will help you to understand all processes easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is the Best Way to Pack a Computer Monitor?

Ans: Using the original box for packing a computer monitor is the best option. It gives more, security, and protection from any kind of dust, objects, or pressure. 

2. How Long Does It Take to Ship a Computer Monitor?

Ans: The delivery time depends on the courier service. Generally, it takes two days to one week from one state to another state. Sometimes it takes a month for international shipping.

3. How Do I Tape a Shipping Box for More Protection?

Ans: Follow the ‘H’ taping method. Use pressure-sensitive adhesive plastic tape. Apply it on the top, bottom, and corner to protect the box and monitor.

4.  What packing supplies should I use with the Monitor?

Ans: Here’s the list of packing supplies you can use:

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Styrofoam
  3. Packing peanuts
  4. Filler

5. How Much Does Shipping cost for a computer monitor?

Ans: The shipping cost depends on the courier service & shipping package. USPC, FedEx, and UPS are common courier services. The shipping cost may start from $20 to 50$ depending on the distance.


Shipping a monitor with the original box is the best solution. However, if you can’t manage it, use other shipping boxes. Keep in mind that, the local box can contain the maximum weight and does not break.

As the monitor is expensive, you must ensure all the precautions for safety. Follow the above methods you’ve read. Still, if you don’t understand the packing process, do comment below in the comment box. I will assist you.

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