Extended Monitor Warranties: Does it Worth the Money?
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Extended Monitor Warranties: Does it Worth the Money?

When you purchase an expensive gaming monitor, you might ask the shopkeeper about its warranty. Usually, monitors are manufactured with a limited warranty. The warranty period is depended on the brand. Also, there are some classifications of warranty policy.  That’s why you need to know everything about the monitor warranty and its pros and cons.

Do monitors come with a warranty?

Yes. When you buy a monitor, you will get a warranty card. This card will be applicable if any components are damaged by the manufacturer. This is called the limited warranty. You can avail of this warranty automatically after buying the monitor. This doesn’t require extra payment.

Are Warranties Waste of Money?

A monitor can last almost 30 thousand to 60 thousand hours. Nowadays, monitors panel are made from good quality components. If you take care of your monitor regularly, it can last beyond five years.

But are extended warranties a waste of money? Should you buy this warranty from amazon or a retail store? Monitors come with a warranty from the company. The warranty is valid for 1 year to 3 years depending on the brand and model.

As you are getting a warranty for a few years, you may don’t need to buy extended warranties. Because monitor’s-built quality is being improved constantly. Moreover, if you take care the monitor will run for a long time.

What Are the Types of Monitor Warranty?

Availing of the monitor warranty is a common issue for computer users. Most computer users don’t know the detail about free warranty and premium warranty. They are often confused about which one they should take.

Types of Monitor Warranties
Types of Monitor Warranties

There are two types of monitor warranties.

  1. Free or Limited Warranty
  2. Extended Warranty

We will discuss briefly these two types of warranties.

What is The Free or Limited Warranty?

Free or Limited warranty means the warranty that comes with the monitor. And you don’t have to pay for it. There are some limitations such as coverage and cost. You can use this warranty if the monitor screen got defecated by the manufacturer. The labor charge won’t be included in this warranty.

There are different types of monitor screen panels like IPS, VA, and TN. If you consider buying an IPS display monitor, it will provide the best service. Also, you don’t have to worry about screen damage or pixel problem. You can check BENQ’s monitor screen comparison among IPS, VA, and TN display.

The cost of a limited display is zero. There is no additional charge for it. A limited warranty comes free. But the coverage is limited. The better option is to purchase a well-known monitor that has no complaints from the user and provides a longner warranty. Check the warranty card or paper to ensure what type of damages it will cover.

What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is a third-party warranty provider, where you have to buy from amazon, a retail shop, or a warranty service provider. An extended warranty covers defective parts, cosmetic parts, free labor charge, free shipping, and other features. The best part of an extended warranty is it has a longer validity date.

Is It Worth Buying an Extended Warranty on a Computer Monitor?

Extended warranty is expensive for their lot of advantages. This warranty is fully responsible for any kind of monitor damage. They will replace the monitor or repair it. Also, this warranty covers labor charges which you have to pay for a limited warranty.

The extended warranty provides a very long-time warranty period. So that, you can use the monitor carefree. On the other hand, a limited warranty provides 1 year to two years. Few of them may provide three years warranty.

These are the common benefits of extended warranties. But is it worth it for you? Well, you don’t want that a $500 monitor got accidentally damaged and buy another one. There are some processes to use the extended warranty. Either you will pay the one-time amount or you can pay monthly. The price is vary depending on the warranty coverage, and time duration. It can increase if you extend the time and add other options.

For most computer users, an extended warranty is not worth it. There are some reasons. Almost every monitor has one to two years of warranty. That doesn’t mean that the monitor will ruin after that time.

Another reason is the price. An extended monitor is expensive and users are not willing to pay for it. Though they will get a longer warranty period. If they use the monitor carefully, it will last beyond five years.

So, from my perception, buying an extended warranty won’t provide much value. But if you fall into a dilemma or want mental satisfaction, you can buy an extended monitor warranty.

Top 20 Monitor Brands Name:

  1. Acer
  2. LG
  4. Sceptre
  5. ASUS
  6. Dell
  7. ViewSonic
  8. HP
  9. Philips
  10. AOC
  11. MSI
  12. BenQ
  14. Lenovo
  15. Alienware
  16. Monoprice
  17. Planar
  18. Duex
  19. HUANUO
  20. Viotek

1. How Long is Acer Monitor Warranty?

Acer is a very well-known monitor brand. They are quite popular for their customer care support and product durability. Acer has two types of warranties. They are the limited warranty and international travelers warranty. Their limited warranty is 3 years limited with parts, labor, and mail-in. So, you will get 3 years of hardware technical support. Also 90 days of software support. Check out their official website for more Acer warranty information.

2. How Long is LG Monitor Warranty?

Most of the LG monitor’s limited warranty covers 1-year hardware warranty and labor. That means in a one-year limited warranty period, you will be able to claim free hardware and labor support. If you want to know the LG monitor’s warranty, submit the model number and read the warranty information on their website.

3. How Long IS SAMSUNG Monitor Warranty?

Samsung CDT 15-inch monitor’s warranty period is 36 months. And their 17-inch and beyond monitors warranty period is also 36 months. Carry-in is included for both monitors. Read their warranty policy for more information.

4. How Long is Sceptre Monitor Warranty?

Sceptre monitor provides both standard warranty and extended warranty. The standard warranty’s duration is 90 days from the date of purchase. Their extended warranty gives your two years of free service including hardware support, carry-in, and more. To claim the warranty, check out their support page.

5. How Long is ASUS Monitor Warranty?

Asus LCD monitor gives you 3 years limited local warranty with free carry-in. As you are getting a longer warranty period, you don’t need to buy an extended warranty. Submit your monitor’s serial number to check the warranty status.

6. How Long is DELL Monitor Warranty?

DELL provides a 90-day to 5-year limited hardware warranty on different monitors. You can extend the limited warranty by paying an extra amount. You will see the information on the warranty paper or invoice. Read their hardware warranty policy for more information.

7. How Long IS ViewSonic Monitor Warranty?

ViewSonic monitor brand has a standard warranty period and a refurbished warranty period. The standard warranty period comes with 3 years warranty. It will cover defective parts, labor, and the LCD backlight. You can visit the ViewSonic warranty information page for more information.

8. How Long is HP Monitor Warranty?

HP monitor’s standard warranty provides 90-day to 1-year warranty. This warranty covers defective parts and labor. Follow HP’s support service for more information.

9. How Long is Philips Monitor Warranty?

Philips monitor offers 48 months of advanced replacement. During the warranty period, if your monitor has any defect and you have a purchase slip, you will get free support from Philips. To know more information, visit their website.

10. How Long is AOC Monitor Warranty?

AOC general warranty offers 3 years warranty with free labor for effect material. And for LED panels, you will get a 1-year warranty. To avail of the warranty, you need to fill RMA form. Follow their warranty information page for more information.

11. How Long is MSI Monitor Warranty?

MSI provides 2 years warranty for the Optix G/AG/MAG series and 3 years for the Optix MPG series. Follow their monitor warranty page for more information.

12. How Long is BenQ Monitor Warranty?

BenQ LCD monitor standard limited warranty is three years from the purchase date. In this warranty, you can claim for defective parts and labor. If you find any damage after shipping, you must complain within 7 business days. To know more about their LCD pixel policy and warranty information, read this article.

13. How Long is GIGABYTE Monitor Warranty?

GIGABYTE and AORUS provide 3 years warranty under 40 inches LCD monitor. And a 1-year warranty for 40 inches and beyond LCD and OLED. Read their product warranty policy for more information.

14. How Long is Lenovo Monitor Warranty?

All Lenovo monitor comes under the standard base warranty. This warranty provides 1 to three years warranty depending on the model. You will get free parts repair or replacement and labor. Read their different warranty policy for more information.

15. How Long is Alienware Monitor Warranty?

Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell. They offer Dell’s standard 3 -years limited warranty. You can upgrade this warranty to the 4th – 5th extended warranty for advanced coverage. Follow their warranty information for more information.

16. How Long is Monoprice Monitor Warranty?

Monoprice provides a lifetime warranty for cables and wall mounts. And for the monitor, they provide a 3-years to 5 years warranty based on the model. Their extended warranty is 1 year to 2 years. Read their warranty policy for more information.

17. How Long is Planar Monitor Warranty?

Leyard and Planar LCD monitor provides 3-year limited warranty for selected models. The warranty will be started from the purchase date. Resale, rent, or transfer by the end-user can’t claim the warranty. Read their warranty policy for more information.

18. How Long is Duex Monitor Warranty?

Mobile Pixels Duex monitor brand offers a 1-year limited warranty from the purchase date. You can buy their extended protection plan for a longer warranty period. Read their warranty information page to learn more.

19. How Long IS HUANUO Monitor Warranty?

Huanuo monitor brand provides a limited warranty for 1 year to 5 years. The warranty will be counted from the date of purchase. You can read their warranty information page.

20. How Long is Viotek Monitor Warranty?

Viotek monitor comes with a 3-year warranty. The warranty will cover only mechanical defects and workmanship from the date of purchase. Read their warranty information policy for warranty and dead pixel policy.


Monitors are the most expensive product compared to other pc components. You’ve seen that most of the monitors come with a 1 to 3 years warranty period. Also, an average monitor’s lifespan is 3-year to 5-year and beyond. So, buying an extended warranty is a waste of money. Rather, you should buy a branded monitor with a longer warranty period. Because their screen is built using advanced technology and it will serve you for a long time. So, you don’t need to worry about its warranty. Further, if you have any confusion about the warranty or any monitor brands, do comment below the box. We will assist you.

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